Word-known for his blowing glass art, people don't know that was an "editto" of the Major Council in 1292 to decide to move all the glass production only in Murano. The official motivation was to reduce the concentration of glass factory in the city centre of Venice to expire the risk of fire.
Probably the real motivation was to protect the art of the blowing glass, to avoid that the blowing glass teachers left Venice and bring away from the city this art.
Murano is divided in five little islands connected by bridges. Also in Murano there is the "Canal Grande" and many palaces facing on it. The oldest is the "Palazzo Da Mula" from XIII century with its gothic facade.

In the past in Murano there were many ancient churches, but now only two are still open: the "Chiesa di San Pietro Martire" rich of artwork by Giovanni Bellini, Paolo Veronese e Jacopo Tintoretto and the "Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato", San Donà for the citizens.